Badmintonline is an online badminton shop specializing only in Yonex products. Started in 2011, we begun the business solely on internet basis market.

Did You Know

  • Badminton, is the Second most popular sport in the world, after soccer

  • Badminton is the most popular racquet sport





Our products comprise of special JP coded rackets and its limited edition version, strings, shuttlecocks, bags, grips, shoes,  badminton related- apparel , accessories, and many more.

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Today’s, to serve our customer better, we open our first showroom located in Jl Dukuh Kupang XX / 18, should you need to consult which product best suited your needs, please contact us and we shall do our very best to share our experience and offer you a solution based on your style of play and requirement.


Stringing services also available with yonex digital ES-5 Protech Machine

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We also had a badminton hall with 4 courts in Jl Kupang Baru III / 2-4  and its available for rent to all badminton lovers.



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