How could I pay for my order?

Payment should be made by transfer to our BCA/Mandiri account.

BCA       :  0360085759 - Winoto Limanto
Mandiri : 1400011095602 - Mintarja Limanto

Do you carry any brand other than Yonex?

At the moment, we only carry Yonex brand for all rackets and apparels as we would like to be specialized and known as Yonex re-seller.

Can I place an indent order for an item that is not listed or sold out?

Yes, you can. Please email/contact us shall you have any inquiry for specific item that is not listed on our site or sold out. We will give a confirmation on how long it will take and how much it will cost for you to get the item. A 50% Down Payment on the price tag will be required to secure the item. Shall you cancel the order; the 50% Down Payment will not be refundable. Shall the ordered item is not available; we will fully return the deposit amount.

When will my order deliver and what are my delivery charges?

Delivery time is automatically calculated prior to submitting your payment information. We will deliver your order shortly after we receive payment from you.  The delivery charge for Java and Bali area is already included on our price tag via TIKI courier Regular service (2 days – 1 week of delivery lead time). For delivery charges to all other area and TIKI ONS (Over Night Service) charge, please check here

Are the Yonex items sold on the site genuine and authentic?

All items sold in our site are guaranteed genuine/authentic. We will refund 200% over the price tag shall our items are proven fake/not real. We will never sell any fake/imitation/counterfeit items.

What is the difference between Yonex JP with SP/IP or other coded items (rackets, strings, grips, etc). Why are JP items more expensive than other coded items?

There has never been any official release/statement from Yonex regarding the quality issue or difference on different coded items. The JP coded rackets are meant for Japan domestic market. Although there are many versions, there are several origins, but the use of technologies are the same. The difference is the level of the use of material (Comments made by user are strictly their personal views).

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